Tresanton Tea


(With apologies to Mo for going without her!)
Miss Lucy is on half-term and as she’s now officially a DFL (Down from London), the sunny terrace at the Hotel Tresanton in St Mawes was the perfect spot for an afternoon treat. Back in the day, the Tresanton was a yachting club but has been transformed into a very stylish but friendly small hotel.

Sitting on the terrace overlooking the harbour, we felt as though we were on the deck of a ship with all the time in the world to sit and chat and watch the world go by. We were even able to indulge in a most delicious cream tea (Miss L) and Tuscan Orange Cake (me) safe in the knowledge we’d burn the calories off climbing the 137 steps back to the car. We had intended to have a poke about St Mawes but somehow the time slipped by and we had to head homewards. It was a blissful afternoon in a fabulous setting and, best of all, it was spent with my favourite girl.



5 thoughts on “Tresanton Tea

  1. My first ever reply to a blog Michie! I relived our lovely tea stop whilst reading your blog – and am sure we would love the Italian Lakes from your account! Superb …. on my travel destination list for sure.


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