Cornish Caff Tea


Mo suggested meeting yesterday in the Caff at the Cornish Food Box Company in Truro. It’s based in a building which is tucked behind Walsingham Place and has had many guises in the past including a coffin store and Socialist Workers meeting place. It is now a shop and cafe where absolutely everything is Cornish including the hay bale seats and the welcome from the smiley, friendly staff. The decor is quirky and very attractive and it is a great showcase for the fantastic local producers here in Cornwall. Hats off Mo – a great find! We will have to return and the good news is that if your name was Jack you got a free coffee yesterday, by Friday it will be the turn of the’M’s…


We had no cake despite the temptations on offer but several pots of tea and a toasted teacake (pronounced delicious by Mo) and a fruity flapjack (ditto me). Poor Poldark didn’t get a single mention as our chat was mostly of exam season. Already, the first exam, IGCSE English Language, is out of the way. I love that within hours of the exam the memes were out including a very funny Downfall parody. Bees??? Cambridge exam board – why? So not only to our boys, but to all those lovely, funny, clever teenagers out there, stressed like those poor bees, here are my ‘powerful’ words –  Good Luck, we love and believe in you.


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