Art Tea

Monday was a beautiful sunny day after a wild weekend here in Cornwall. The weather had thrown all it had at us – rain, hail, sleet, snow, gales, thunder and lightning.
Me and Mo had arranged to meet in the Arts Cafe, one of my favourite places in Truro.   Like the filling of a delicious cake, it’s sandwiched between the Royal Cornwall Museum and the Truro Arts Company, a treasure trove of all things arty.

Before we met, I had to pop upstairs in the Museum to say hello to another old friend, Iset-tayef-nakht, the mummy who so fascinated each of my children when they were small. It had been a while and there he still was, lying in silent splendour.


But a girl needs chat (and cake and tea) and Mo was waiting. It took no time at all for us to decide that carrot cake was definitely one of our ‘five-a day’. Two pots of tea and much chat later the sun had gone in and it was time to go.

As I walked home I thought of how the Arts cafe, shop and Museum capture the spirit of ‘Every man is an artist’ (Joseph Beuys). I thought too of how interested people are always interesting and maybe, in the end, my favourite art is that of conversation and friendship.



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